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Join us in this challenge for finding time for you. I caught myself wrapped up in the auto-pilot of every day and everyone else’s needs and expectations of me, I threw on the brakes.

I was losing myself.

I couldn’t keep up with the pace of everyone’s needs and trying to keep my small business alive in the age of Covid-19. I felt like I was disappointing everyone including myself. I created this group out of sheer panic. One of my best friends called to say her small business was not going to make it. After a tearful conversation, and without thought, I went to my computer and created the “Create Joy Weekly Challenge” page. A private group on Facebook, I gave the reason, invited friends, and from the minute the first person shared a joyful picture, and indicated they had taken time for themselves, I felt like I could breathe. This group of amazing souls was going to hold me accountable to making the space to take care of me.

Self-care for me is, music and quiet, fresh air, watercolor painting and mixed media collage, for others it might be cooking, reading or writing or playing music, gardening, yoga or photography. Whatever that thing is that brings you joy… you MUST make time for it each week.  

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Fitbit Inspiration

Fitbit Inspiration

I can't have too many reminders encouraging me, especially in the morning. Along with a sticky note by my bed with a mantra on it- I also put my Fitbit on when I wake up. I programed my Fitbit to scroll "You CAN!" As I am putting it on my wrist. If you need a little...

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Delicious Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

Delicious Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

My mom received these delicious cookies in a beautiful gold box with a sprig of rosemary from her friends Robert and David. They were kind enough to share the recipe and their source. I have now made them countless times as a special treat for friends and family. 1...

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Water for your mind, body and soul

Water for your mind, body and soul

One of my goals is to challenge myself to block time each day for things I enjoy- and also to slooooow down to enjoy good food and drink that makes my soul happy. Each week I am sharing one comfort food or drink on the blog. I know water is SO good for my body but I...

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Weekly Challenge Themes

Focused on living each day on purpose, caring for those we love, while taking time to slow down for our own self-care. Weekly themes & inspiration are the foundation of this challenge. 

Flowers in Her Hair… Hope in Her Heart


Here Comes The Sun



Like a butterfly… her wings unfold


One step at a time


From my persepective 

My happiness is in my hands

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