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Living each day intentionally & with a grateful heart.
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Each of the workshops will focus on one or more of these primary elements

The intention is that each workshop will build upon the last, but any workshop can be taken on its own and provide value in cultivating your happiest life.

Make Self-Care a Daily Habit

Clearly Define Your Vision

Set Targets & Take Action

Schedule Time for Reflection


The Create Joy Challenge: 
A 6 Week Self-Care Workshop

The Create Joy Challenge, a 6 week self-care workshop, provides inspiring and meaningful lessons, including resources for self-care and personal growth.  Weekly theme’s and activities lower stress and anxiety, while supporting you in creating new habits for YOU time.

Filled with simple and fun activities, you will get lost in the peaceful process of self-discovery in any chapter of life.

Recommended for ages 12- 112
Includes a multi-media journal and a whole toolbox of fun materials mailed right to your doorstep!