I can’t have too many reminders encouraging me, especially in the morning. Along with a sticky note by my bed with a mantra on it- I also put my Fitbit on when I wake up. I programed my Fitbit to scroll “You CAN!” As I am putting it on my wrist. If you need a little extra daily cheering on- here are directions for programing a message on your Fitbit.
(Apple Watch Directions Next Week)

(I have a Fitbit Charge 2 but I am pretty sure it is the same for all Fitbit devices)

From the Fitbit app on your phone or logged in online:
1. Account Settings –>From the Fitbit app.. click on the circle in the top left … then click the fitbit type you are using … then scroll down to “Greeting”
2. In the greeting space type in a message (8 characters Allowed) that will greet you when you pick your fit bit up to put on your wrist. 🙂